Auto update for base SuiteCRM and 3rd party modules

It would be great if SuiteCRM would add an auto update function.

Similar to Joomla, Wordpress, iOS, Windows Update, Linux apt and yum, SuiteCRM auto updater could check for updates daily by connecting to the SuiteCRM update server, notify the admin when an update to the base package is available, and auto-update with a few clicks on the license agreements etc.

Same auto-update, for the SuiteCRM modules - Leads, Contacts, Projects, Tasks, Invoicing, PDF, Campaign Wizard, etc.

And same auto update for the 3rd patrty modules, via the famous online app marketplace, SugarOutfitters.

The auto updater would need to check the checksums of each file to determine if the source code was modified, and display appropriate warnings about how an auto update would overwrite those changes, and offer to backup the changed files.

Great idea. We’re working on it :wink:


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Sounds great Jason!