Auto Insert Email Into Case if Case # in Message Body?

Many business Help Desk systems insert case tracking codes into an email so if a customer replies, that email automatically gets inserted into the case record. In Sugar, you need to put the case number in the subject line for it to automatically get inserted into the case.

Is there a method or add-on module, that inserts the case number into the bottom of the email when you send an email out (from the Sugar email client of course) related to a case, and more importantly, scans every email coming into the email account (via IMAP) for the case number and then automatically inserts that email into the case?

I suppose I always would want it to insert something like ‘please include the original email and reply above this line’ or whatever terminology is typically used.

Sending out an email with the case ID in it is easy - just add the variable to the email template. To relate it to a case when it comes in would require you to modify how the pollMonitoredInboxes scheduled task is grabbing the emails.