Attachments - Not copying across to Suite

Having following the process above this morning:

  • do you have a corresponding record in the “notes” table?[color=#ff0000] - No, there is no record in the “notes” table, despite being a record in the “emails” table.[/color]
  • if you do, do you have the file in the upload directory, with permissions set correctly? [color=#ff0000]- No, there is no file contained in the upload directory.[/color]

I am not using the plugins… but i have recently this same bug.

Go to admin -> AOD and disable it
Disable too AOD scheduler.

En try and let u know. (php log)

Hi item,
Thanks for the suggestions but AOD was already disabled and when I click Admin > Scheduler, there is nothing there that references AOD.

I can also confirm / advise that the population of the “assigned_user_id” field doesn’t have anything to do with the problem, as I have just copied the email from this morning across to SuiteCRM via my home PC and the “assigned_user_id” field was populated BUT the attachment copied across.

I’m starting to think the issue might be native to the PC at work, which is running Windows 7 Pro and outlook 2013, as opposed to Windows 10 Pro and +Outlook 2016 at home…

Any suggestions on how I can troubleshoot this further?

We’re running out of ideas. Perhaps you could try installing the v2 of the plugin, though it’s still in Beta, and try posting in the corresponding thread if you run into problems. You might get the developer’s attention…

Thanks pgr. Since starting this thread 9 mhs ago, I’ve actually installed a number of the Outlook plugins, including the latest 2.0 release candidate and the issue is the same… attachments copy across fine on on PC, but not the other.

I don’t really want to hijack the other thread, so hopefully Will sees this and responds. Thanks for all help, greatly appreciated.