Attaching a PDF Template to a Workflow Generated Email

Hi, I have had a scout around the forums and it seems that a lot of people have been trying to achieve this for a long time. Is there any ability to attach a PDF template to an Email generated within workflow or for workflow to send a PDF template (with fields referenced populated) by Email?

I have looked at the Email template offering and it’s nowhere near as good and I find the Email template very limited. The PDF template lends itself well to letters being created - it seems like the next logical step that the PDF might be Emailed.

I was also surprised to learn that, as standard, PDF generation does not have a cases drop down that populates cases related fields - I managed to get around this by editing the Dropdown, including an item called cases and creating a new relationship linking the PDF dom to cases - not quite sure how I managed to fall lucky there messing about!

Lastly, is the workflow - Case updates - new record - case description the correct way to add a system generated note visible to all of those on the case as I note that the only other option there is “internal” (not visible outside of Suite CRM)?

Think I might be eating a bit of humble pie if I can get this working and I certainly shall be doing some videos to help people with what I’ve been looking to achieve.



I’ve been trying to archive the same goal with PDF Templates, however the only effective solution that i found is to create a module.
Essentially write a middle man between PDF Templates and Email. I haven’t had the time to explore this solution deeper, so i will be on lookout for any updates :).


There is an existing Solution to this but that’s not Free.

Hi Sam,

Please would you be kind enough to post what you have and keep an eye on this thread:

I’ve referenced all of the others and it would be a bit easier that way.

Thanks :slight_smile: