Associating multiple "products" to a contact

We are attempting to use SuiteCRM to manage multiple training classes that are provided to multiple attendees (contacts) from different companies (accounts). The goal is to be able to see the various classes that a contact has taken, filter by one of these and then create a list the might be further filtered to come up with a prospect list for other classes.

It is straightforward to have a quote for a class provided to an account and then close that so it shows up as being associated with that account.

Now we need some means to populate that class with the contacts from that company (or perhaps just contacts in general) so we know who actually was at the class. That information then provides the basis of selling other classes based on those that a contact has already taken.

Any suggestions or specific methods would be greatly appreciated. It seems logical that we are not the only company attempting to deal with this type situation.

We have version 7.10.5 installed and it appears to be working fine.


Your scenario sounds like a great fit for the Events module, have you looked into it?

Thanks for the tip. We are investigating it - will need a bit of customization but we think it will serve our purposes with some slight changes.