Associate tracking items with Product

I am looking for a way to implement issue/task/case/project tracking system that would allow to associate all traceable items with product.
E.g. I would create a product catalog containing list of all products we maintain and then when case of project is open I would locate a product and link it to the case.
Then at some point I would go to the particular product would look at the active cases related to it.
If it is possible what techniques, tools I should look for?

As I understand, there is a way to add a list of products into a quote and hopefully go to product and look for all quotes for this product.
There are of course similar needs for the report of selection like “who is doing what”, resource management in the other words.
E.g. get a list of tasks/cases that are active for the user (or in the queue) or what was served by this user in the past.

Is anyone can help? Please just give me a keyword for digging please point me to the right defection.