Assignments understanding problems troubles


I have some troubles undestanding assigning mechanism in suitecrm.

I need to assign records to securitygroups and then may be reassign to other groups.

I’ve created custom module, installed and made some records.
I’ve created some security groups and roles.

  1. I’ve assigned record to securitygroup via mass assign.
    Then i assigned this record to other securitygroup via mass assign.
    Now both security groups can see this record. How to unassign record from first group?

  2. I’ve created some relate fields in table, for example relate to user, relate to security group and then fill this fields. Now this user and group can see this record. Then i’ve cleared links to user and security group from record. But this user or securitygroup still can see the record.

  3. I’ve made link many-to-many mytable_securitygroups and have linked some groups to my record from subpanel. But when i login with user, having such group, i cant see that record.

So, the question is how should be assigning organized?
How to see all assignments (users, securitygroups) to record?
How should have been reassigning done?
What is the best way to do securitygroups assigment/unassigment?


I’m not sure I understand everything you describe, but a few notes…

  1. The Security Groups (SG) will work from the default subpanels that exist to handle them. If you create additional relate fields or additional many-to-many relationships to the SG module, I don’t think these will have any effect for access restrictions.

  2. You can unassign SG from the subpanel, by removing the relationship. I understand that this might not be practical for large quantities. There is no “mass unassign”.

  3. Do not confuse “assign security group” (subpanel) with “assigning a record” to someone (the “assign to” field).

  4. Have a look at Admin / Security Groups settings: you’ll find several inheritance and assignment options that are meant to facilitate these operations. Look up the Documentation for them here (Docs tab). SuiteCRM includes the free version of that add-on.

  5. Usually in real-life scenarios people will get a better experience with small bits of customization to assign or unassign SGs. For example, a Workflow or a Logic Hook that detects when you assign a certain SG, and unassigns another (or all others).

I hope this helps.