Assigning to user

a user have an opportunity
the opportunity is linked to an account
the user is assigning this opportunity to other user .
the other user receiving email with link to the opportunity he open it
and he want to see who is the contact person for this opportunity but he cant see because
the account is still assigned to the original user.

is it native behavior of suitecrm ?
if it is native how should i handle this ?

it’s a little difficult to understand the issue, but it sounds like regular behavior. If you change the assigned user of a record, other related records don’t get the same update.

possible solutions:

  • change your permissions (roles / security groups)
  • change other assigned users relations via workflows/logic hooks too
  • add security groups manually or automatically by workflows/logic hooks

Hi , thanks for your reply

i cant understand the logic of this not happening automatically …

i can achieve it vie workflow , and i do it for all the modules inside , on opportunity save , if assigned to change …
but now the user receiving 6 emails for from object that assigned to him .
where can i control the email notefication ?