Assigning multiple users/employees to one Account


We want to restrict our users to only seeing accounts they manage.

BUT, some accounts can have up to 5 different account managers.

We have over 300 combinations of managers so i think doing them as security groups isn’t feasible.

So each account manager is an employee, and currently is in a group so that they only see accounts allocated to them but you can only allocate an account to one user? so how do i do it so other users see that account.

For example
account 1 has rep 2 , 5 , 8
account 2 has rep 4,9,12
account 3 has rep 2,12,17

So how can i dynamically do it so that when the accounts are imported it says ahh i have 2 , 5, 8 so those 3 can see this account. etc…

Any ideas.


I would like to do this as well.
I have it on my pipeline but still didn’t thought much about it.
If I move with this I’ll let you know.

I still think it could be done with Security Groups. Unless I’m mistaken - these things sometimes are confusing.

I would try like this:

  • one Security Group named after each account manager - so, suppose you have 30 reps, you create 30 groups.

  • you don’t have to create groups for the 300 combinations of reps

  • whenever a rep gets assigned to an account you go into that Account’s detail view (at the bottom) and add that rep’s group, thus making the account visible/editable to him

  • since each account can have multiple Security Groups, I believe you can get what you want with this strategy

You’ll need to consider that there might be other features you get from the concept of “assignment” of an account, that you won’t get with this. But maybe you can work around those in some way. Maybe let each rep assign the Account to himself when he’s actually working on it at the moment, just for practical reasons, or whatever makes sense for your case.