Assigned_user_name not showing in email template creating with the lead module


So i am sending an email from suitecrm using an email template. I have put some variable and all other variables are being replaced and not the assigned_user_name if i send it from suitecrm or from a custom i have tried both ways but assigned_user_name is not being replaced.

Moreover i have also try to put a variable from a user module but still not successful as it is creating the variable by name $contact_user_..... i dont know why it is putting contact before that. Can anyone help me in this regard.

Maybe (just maybe) this will help you:

But there might be a bug here…

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This is all solved in the code I made for my Power Replacer SuiteCRM Add-on, if you sponsor me on GitHub that makes it more likely that this code will eventually end up in core.

@pgr thank you sure will do bookmarking this :slight_smile: