Assigned User Lookup returning username

I have a strange issue. I’ve never seen it before, and then now it’s happened on two different installations.

When using the assigned user lookup field, for example in cases to assign the case to a user, normally you start typing in the persons name and it then gives you a list of matches you can select to populate the field and you don’t have to use the popup to search. In a few cases (and it just happened to me). It returns a list of usernames and not the actual names of the users. It doesn’t recognize the names at all only user names. On the same installation, for other users it works just fine.

Could this be a security permissions issue, maybe with the Employee module? I’m stumped!

That mechanism is called “sqs” in SuiteCRM - if you search the code, both backend and JS for those letters, you’ll get to where the magic is done.

What you describe sounds like a buggy SQS configuration to me.

Thanks @pgr are there any settings that govern this (other than directly in the code)?

Good point, it’s JS that does this, I’m going to try a JS repair and rebuild see if that helps. It’s just really weird it only affects a few users and not everyone on the same installation.

I never fully understood that mechanism but I think it uses information from some of the metadata or vardefs files to figure out which related module to use in the SQS.