Assign to user empty list

hi everyone,

We have upgraded our SugarCRM installation to suite CRM 7.1.1 and we are experiencing issues when we want to assign anything to a user.

For example if a none admin user wants to assign a task to someone else, he cannot because the list in the popup window is empty. This was working correctly with sugar.

Anything we missed in the migration process ?



Try going to admin then repair then rebuild relationships. Then do a quick repair and rebuild.

hi andy,

Thanks for the quick reply but it didn’t fix it. I’m wondering if it’s not a role or permission issue due to the upgrade to suitecrm ?

Could it be linked to the team modules ?

Ok, I found it.

Someone has checked the “Filter User List” in the Security Groups Management page.

So there was a restriction to user group which are not set in our case.

Thanks and keep the good work :slight_smile: