Are [table] [column] placeholders not to be translated?

In the language file

    'LBL_UW_DB_NO_ADD_COLUMN'                   => 'ALTER TABLE [table] ADD COLUMN [column]',
    'LBL_UW_DB_NO_CHANGE_COLUMN'                => 'ALTER TABLE [table] CHANGE COLUMN [column]',
    'LBL_UW_DB_NO_CREATE'                       => 'CREATE TABLE [table]',
    'LBL_UW_DB_NO_DELETE'                       => 'DELETE FROM [table]',
    'LBL_UW_DB_NO_DROP_COLUMN'                  => 'ALTER TABLE [table] DROP COLUMN [column]',
    'LBL_UW_DB_NO_DROP_TABLE'                   => 'DROP TABLE [table]',
    'LBL_UW_DB_NO_INSERT'                       => 'INSERT INTO [table]',
    'LBL_UW_DB_NO_SELECT'                       => 'SELECT [x] FROM [table]',
    'LBL_UW_DB_NO_UPDATE'                       => 'UPDATE [table]',

Are [table] and [column] placeholders and should not be translated?
Nothing should be translated? Or…?

Note: Posted as issue here but closed as topic request.

These strings are used to display errors in permission when using the upgrade wizard. As most of it is SQL it would not make sense to translate that. The [ table] and [column] could be translated though.