Are copies of the SuiteCRM logo available in large format?

Hi all, first post so apologies if I have missed some etiquette.

I had missed the news of the fork to SuiteCRM and having reviewed the offering and installation, I am keen to add SuiteCRM into our product mix.

Is it possible to get decent quality logos so that we can amend our SugarCRM marketing with SuiteCRM?

Many thanks

I think you would probably need to become an official partner for this.


Thank you for your response, I am not sure if becoming we are ready to become a partner yet.

Apologies if this comes across as argumentative, but I am a little surprised and to be honest disappointed with this answer. I know SalesAgility needs to make this work financially, but within the website, you specifically state that to support this project we should:

3. Promote this project

We don’t operate like a conventional software company and our marketing budget is limited.

However, we do possess one marketing tool that’s powerful - community. We’d love our community of users, developers and supporters to recommend SuiteCRM to others - whether its through tweets, liking our pages (both SuiteCRM & SalesAgility), writing a blog or simply telling a colleague or friends.

It’s the best form of marketing we can get.

Personally I think the suiteCRM move is a great one and one that I am looking to support more in the future.

However, in the meantime, I can promote you, but it would be easier for me if I can change my current marketing presentation (sugarCRM) and replace it with suiteCRM.



I asked my CEO about this:

You can use any version of the logo from our site you want under the following terms but he’s not prepared to give out the original psd files to non-partners.

Logo Usage Guidelines

The SuiteCRM logo may be used without specific written permission from SalesAgility under the following conditions.
Conditional Use of SuiteCRM Logo

SalesAgility has a Conditional Use Logo for those who wish to show their support for SuiteCRM products and services by displaying such a logo in the user interface of a website. The SuiteCRM Conditional Use Logo may be used without specific written permission from SalesAgility under the following conditions:

The use must not be detrimental, i.e., harmful or damaging, to the value of any SuiteCRM Marks, or to SalesAgility's reputation, its brand integrity, or goodwill, as determined by SalesAgility in its sole discretion.

The SuiteCRM Conditional Use Logo must be a "clickable" link that leads directly to

If the website has password-protected areas, the SuiteCRM Conditional Use Logo must be placed only in areas that are not password-protected.

If used in an application released under an open source license, the application must be able to connect directly to an instance of SuiteCRM.

The limited license given herein does not include the right to use any SuiteCRM Conditional Use Logo or any other SalesAgility Logo as a trademark to promote your own products or services. For example, no SalesAgility or SuiteCRM Conditional Use Logo may be used on any product packaging or documentation, such as (without limitation) on CD-ROM, packaging, books or other publications. Any such use must be expressly authorized by SalesAgility in a signed, written agreement.

Ok got it, thanks for the quick response