Archive - saves SIgnature jpg's into Notes

The Outlook plugin is great but my whole team uses the app and we all have images in our signatures.

When archiving emails, image records are created in the notes section, this will over time lead to an enormous data bloat, as well as making the Notes section very messy and confusing.

Is there a way to deal with this?

Sorry to bring up an old thread but has anyone got a solution for this issue?



I don’t see that a solution is needed, as anything that is attached to the email should be archived as a note related to the email?



I composed the signature as a html in TB with text and images (two logos) that also has url’s linked to them, and checked off the ‘include image as attachment’ option. When I compose an email the signature looks fine, but when i testsend it to myself or my colleague the signature logos are just empty frames with icons in the left corner that looks like a paper torn in two (un-clickable) and the email has two attachments - one for each URL-link. PLEASE help!

BTW, if I choose to revert to an earlier version of TB, will I lose all my folders and emails? Will I have to uninstall the entire program I mean…