API V8 retrieving files from a File module

my name is Pietro and I am pretty new at developing with SuiteCRM. In what follows, I will try to explain my objective as clear as I can.

I’ve created a module - let us call it ‘ShowcaseFileRepo’ - based on the ‘File’ module template. Its purpose is to store the files I need for another ‘base’ module - let us call it ‘Showcase’ indeed - in a clean and neat way (other than use the built-in Documents module).

I am using the API v8 in a Python program to read/write the informations in the standard Showcase module and to upload files to the ShowcaseFileRepo one.
In order to upload a file to my custom ShowcaseFileRepo module, I’ve slightly modified the implementation of the


function for my case (in \Api\V8\Service\ModuleService.php ): if the module called is ‘ShowcaseFileRepo’, the function addFileToShowcaseRepo() will be called in a pretty analogous way to the case when ‘Note’ module will call the function above. This works fine.

However now I also need to download these files by using the API.
Unfortunately no corresponding methods already exists for the Document module - that is, a function which returns the file content of the document via the API v8 - at least, to my knowledge.
The fist question:

  • does it exist a method for retrieving file contents via the API v8?

If not, how can I implement a function which

  • in the case where the module contains the ‘filecontents’ field among the ‘attributes’, it performs a base_64 encoding of the file binaries to the filecontents attribute?
    (something like {‘filecontents’ : ‘wejfojn03…’})

I do not want to save the filecontents base_64 when I upload the file, I would like the process of base_64 encoding to run only when the resource is requested.
Would you please attach some documentation for this? Thank you in advance,

Have you found solution for retrieving files via API v8?