Api module creation error

Hello we are using SuiteCrm version Version 7.11.4 with Api V8

We getting this error when trying to create a new “Users” module:

“errors”: {
“status”: 400,
“title”: null,
“detail”: “Users module with id 200e29f2-d2a4-42b2-4d8b-5cc031d69bd1 is not found”

Bellow you can see post data

“data”: {
“type”: “Users”,
“attributes”: {
“user_name”: “recreational2”,
“last_name”: “International Sales 2”,
“full_name”: “International Sales 2”,
“name”: “International Sales 2”,
“email1”: "recreational2@lalizas.com",
“status”: “Active”,

It would be very helpful to get a more descriptive error.

Any suggestions? Thank you.

This is issue is resolved now. This was caused by using a wrong oauth2clients id in my requests