API mergerecords module

Hi everyone. I saw that when I list all the modules available using get_available_modules method there is one module called mergerecords.

Anyone has used that module from the 4.1 API? I don’t know how I can use it and I can’t find any documentation about it.

I have about 500 contacts duplicated and I would like to create a function to merge those records. I use the API for several functions, but I can’t figure out how this method works. I don’t know if this questions belongs to general discussion or developer collaboration, sorry about that.

Hi @miquelangel,

Not really worked with the API but i would assume its possible to make a custom call to the already existing merge duplicate function and by providing some parameters resolve this issue however the function might need updated to work without the interface, that i’m not sure of.

I didn’t realize I had been answered. Still looking the way to achieve it.

Hi @miquelangel, I’ve since learnt more about the API :laughing: and i don’t believe theres a out of the box way to achieve this. @pgr @Dillon-Brown Any ideas?

Looking at that module’s code, I think it is a “fake” module, not really a module. It doesn’t have any database table, just a few screens to handle the Duplicate Merges. So I think the API shouldn’t list it as a module, I don’t believe any operation on it will work from the API.

You’re better off trying this in some other way. if you don’t have a real reason for attempting this one-off operation remotely, from outside the system with the API, then you should consider doing it internally, locally, it’s bound to be simpler.

I don’t know how much code you will be able to re-use, though, maybe the existing code is too tied to the UI…

Sorry for the delay, thanks to all. YEs I think its a “fake” module. I’m trying to do it internally.