API Does not recognize "Targets" but will recognize "Prospects"

Using this pattern:

url = “https://” + host + “/Api/V8/module/Targets?filter[first_name][eq]=scott&filter[last_name][eq]=adams”

Throws this error:

    "errors": {
        "status": 400,
        "title": null,
        "detail": "Module Targets does not exist"

But if use

url = “https://” + host + “/Api/V8/module/Prospects?filter[first_name][eq]=scott&filter[last_name][eq]=adams”

It works:

    "data": [
            "type": "Prospect",
            "id": "12b30ea1-59c9-9333-a9ae-64131d1fa31e",
            "attributes": {
                "name": "Scott Adams",
                "date_entered": "2023-03-16T13:43:00-05:00",
                "date_modified": "2023-03-16T13:43:00-05:00",
                "modified_user_id": "6b5b5097-adf4-2d52-bcac-5bf85716ccbc",
                "modified_by_name": "david.duccini",
                "created_by": "6b5b5097-adf4-2d52-bcac-5bf85716ccbc",
                "created_by_name": "david.duccini",
                "description": "",
                "deleted": "0",
                "created_by_link": "",
                "modified_user_link": "",
                "assigned_user_id": "6b5b5097-adf4-2d52-bcac-5bf85716ccbc",
                "assigned_user_name": "david.duccini",
                "assigned_user_link": "",
                "SecurityGroups": "",
                "salutation": "",
                "first_name": "Scott",
                "last_name": "Adams",
                "full_name": "Scott Adams",
                "title": "",

Personally I think we should just use “Prospects” as the actual name because that’s what they have been called historically for as long as I can recall.