AOW - notify if a record dident change


im trying to get a WORKFLOW that will send email if the opportunity sales stage dident changed in 30 days

to see changed i use the sales stage -> equal to -> any change
how can i get notification if a record dident change in last 30 days ?

Have you tried something with the date_modified field?

is it available in GUI ?

Yes, it should be, but please just go there and check, don’t ask me! :slight_smile:


yes I already tried using this filed
Opportunities Date Modified Not Equal To Any Change
Opportunities Date Modified Equal To Any Change

didn’t got what im looking for .

in the bottom of the screen there is subpanel called process audit and the status of the task is Failed
where can I see what the process doing and the reason it failed ?

is there a way to expose the table opportunities_audit to the AOW and reports ?

You should be trying a Workflow that works on Scheduler, not On Save. Make it run every day.

Then in the conditions try something like:

Opportunities / Date modified / Less than / Date / Now / - (minus) / 1 / Months

I don’t know if that really works, you’ll have to play with it until you get it right (better make your attempts with a “10 minutes” setting, until you know it works, then change it to one month).

Then in the actions send an email to yourself (while testing; then send it to your client once you’re confident it works).