AOW noob match between 2 modules

I am pretty sure this has been asked many times, I have made a search, but could not find a similar post. Feel free to point me to another topic if required.

When a case is created, I have a free field (free text) including the name of a company (let say XYZ inc.) This is populated by a third app.

I want that, if the free company name matches our existing records, the Account ID on the case is updated to match the one found with name XYZ inc.

So AOW Workflow with Module Case.
Conditions : Accounts if name => FreeTextActtName
Then Modify record
Case field : Account id, set to …

But i do not have the options to choose from Account ID matching.

Thanks for enlighting me.

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I see so you essentially want to conditionally set a relationship to an account by searching on the accounts name. Unfortunately this is not currently possible but it is a nice idea, I will put it a suggestion as a potential feature for a future release