AOS Setting not saving - Quotes number


I’m new with SuiteCRM ( seems very good ), i installed 2 diferente servers for evaluation and both having the same problems.
server is centos-release-6-7.el6.centos.12.3.x86_64
SuiteCRM Version 7.5.3 Sugar Version 6.5.23 (Build 1061)

been googling about didn’t find the solution for my problems.

Im trying to use as quotes number 20160001 with auto incremente but when i set the number in AOS is not saved (the 2 other fields also not saved).
I perform repair&build but quotes number still not changing, instead they still at 1,2,3 auto incremente.

Tried to check the field under studio and there is no autoincrement setting only min value and max value.

Hope someone could help.