AOS Quotes Issues with Line Items and Groups on 7.5.3

Hi all,

Having a problem with AOS quotes module. I am trying to create a standard quotation for my sales staff so they have only to delete what they don’t want rather than having to remember what codes they do want. Initially have 52 product lines and 15 service lines. I initially had them in groups to make things easier but over 5 groups and it stops saving new products and groups added. Eliminated groups in admin-AOS but now finding the same issue on saving new products.

Has anyone seen this and aware of a solution?

Thanks so much in advance!

I have seen this issue in the past, it was on an instance running on a windows server stack. Something in the config was limiting the amount of data that could be sent in the POST request ( or something along those lines). I don’t think we ever solved the problem but it did not occur when running the same instance on a Linux server stack. What is your server setup?

Thanks for the reply Andy,

Yes I am running Windows Server 2008 r2 with MySQL backend

I know very little about Windows Servers so Im no help there but hopefully I have pointed you in the right direction :wink: