AOS_Quote editing/adding line items on the fly

First of all while I have tried to search the forums I apologise if this questions has already been asked/answered before.

We currently use a hosted Sugar CRM Pro. I have been looking at SuiteCRM for a while and decided to try it out. It is slick, fast and wonderfully easy to setup, maintain and use.

However one dealbreaker for me is the way quotes are done. With Sugar CRM pro you start a quote for an Account (Customer/Client) and you simply add line items on the fly with quantities and pricing, this then gets saved to the products module as you save the quote. This works well for us as we have a very fluid product listing.

With SuiteCRM however you have to have a product set first. With such product fluidity it would be a major ball ache to have to add each product and then start a quote.

Any ideas if this can easily be changed or is coming in a future release?

No plans yet, but we’ll let the community know.