AOR specifying "OR" conditions rather than "AND" ?


I can’t see any documentation for AOR on the Wiki - let me know if there is some somehwere… but I have a basic question for you:

How do you indicate to AOR that the filter conditions you create need to be “OR” - by default they appear to be “AND”.

Hi Andrew,

AOR is still in early release. Development and enhancements are planned for SuiteCRM 7.2. Currently, you cannot specify if the conditions use an AND/OR operator.



if you want to add inline condition you can create your statement like this-:

{if ($smarty.session.app_setting==‘1’ && $fields.current_processor_c.value=="") OR ($smarty.session.app_setting==‘3’ && $fields.current_processor_c.value=="")}

Where would you “create this statement”??