AOR Reports 'Today' Variable Not Considering TZ DB using UTC.

After looking at AOR_report.php, i can see that curdate() is used to create the query to fetch the results for TODAY. The final query is not allowing for entries that are UTC timestamp in the DB into the next day.

ie… 06/28/2018 curdate() fetches records with that date. We create records in the -4UTC timezone until 21:00 HOURS which records entries at 06/29/2018 00:59

it appears that Suitecrm is not designed to display reports correctly when entering records later in the day .

Anyone know of a workaround or fix. This is driving me crazy not seeing the last two hours of records for the day on our reports. Not to mention seeing the prior days late records on the current days reports. it’s a simple TZ shift but seems impossible to fix.

Hi ocean,

Would you be able to raise this as a bug on Github?


Sure, my programming team has also implemented a good fix for this as well. I will post everything to github when i get some free time.

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