Hello everybody!, I need some help, recently I upgraded the CRM to the last release, and at the same time the securitygroups, but when I start session with some group of users the home page renders well the records as it self but the link or url doesn’t the ID… some like:


can you be more specific? the Records that you see on list view does not have an ID in the URL when you click them?

Exactly!, the the list view its ok, but the hyperlink to the Contacts module or projects module does not have the ID, i mean the record param is empty…

did you add any hooks? The DB table for Contacts or Projects has the IDs in the rows right?

Yep, I added logic hooks but… not in that view, I mean, That view is the home page with one Embedded Report (AOR_REPORTS)…

can you share screenshot of the View where you see missing IDs and the code for the hook.

yep that is!

so this is a Dashlet on home page with missing ids for Project module that you have in the List ? the Other links that you have on the dashlet, does they work correctly? Its only issue for the Project column links ?

Yep, is a dashlet on home page, and yes! the other links (lateral menu) are working ok, and the other links for User/Contact name has the same mistake, not working as the projects links…