AOR conditions problem in 7.10

I can not add conditions in AOR.
Complete aor_conditionLines div is not being loaded.

Version 7.10

Is anyone having similar problem?
Should I report a bug?

Please try it in the live demo to see if there is any difference there

(it’s on 7.10.1)

EDIT: also check recent issues with reports, there were quite a few:✓&q=is%3Aissue+reports

No it is the same in the demo…
Sims to be a new bug.
I have already looked at github reported bugs but couldn’t find this one…(There is one similar but is labeled as closed:
Will open new issue.

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This should be the same issue that was reported here: I was unable to replicate on the demo but i’ll investigate further. Thanks for confirming this.

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Correct. I have skipped to notice this issue. And it is exactly the same problem that I have.

You are right. It works if only clicked. Drag and drop is not working.
So minor bug…

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