AOP update case by replying to email


I’m testing Advanced Open Portal features in SuiteCRM and I managed to create a new case by sending an email to a specified inbound mail account.

After the creation of the new case, the client receives an email (to the email address that he has as an existing contact and portal user) with every update.

My problem is that if the client sends a reply by email, a new case is created instead of updating the existing case.
What should I do to make sure that cases can by updated by client replies by email.

Thanks in advance for any help.

George Rodopoulos

Hi RodGer,

What is the value of your “Case Macro” in your Inbound Email settings?



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Hi Will,

Thanks for your quick answer.

I think you helped just by making the right question. I had a custom “Case Macro” and when I changed it back to the default


it worked.

Does that mean that I cannot change the “Case Macro” if I want to use the ‘update case by replying to email’ feature ?

Thanks a lot!



I am having the same problem. We did not change our case macro, but we do have two schedulers running for inbound email.

two Schedulers:

AOP Check Inbound Mailboxes
Check Inbound Mailboxes.

I wonder if we need to use the AOP one instead of the regular one with Suite CRM?
The result we had was an endless loop and the case number jump ed to case # 100 before we turned it off.

Do you know which scheduler we should have running?

Hello bgoodall,

I managed opening new cases and updating existing ones by sending email without having to deactivate any scheduler. So, I think that having both schedulers running, should not be a problem.

AOP Check Inbound Mailboxes probably does different things than Check Inbound Mailboxes but I couldn’t find any reference on what exactly are the differences between the two schedulers so if somebody could post some info on this, it would be nice.

Having a loop as you described could be a result of having the same email address for the inbound email (used for opening cases) and for the client (contact/portal user).

If you still need help, maybe it would be useful to post some more info about your configuration (e.g. email addresses used for inbound email and for portal user) and the content of the test emails sent/received.


Thanks I will check with the user email configuration. I know that was an issue early on, maybe we didn’t catch every instance of that issue.

Yes in fact it was an email configuration issue!
thanks so much!

So we need to make sure that in our test environment we don’t have the same email in any of the following:
Mailbox Email
Sugar CRM User
Sugar CRM Contact > Portal user by implication on a Case.


I am also facing the same issue,
any email reply is creating the new case instead of updating the already created case.
my crm version is 7.10.7 , and it has already one scheduler only for check inbound mailbox, which is active and using function pollMonitoredInboxesAOP