AOP repair > saving not possible


I’m discovering this very nice tool SuiteCRM, thanks to all people contributing to this project and to Salesagility for this cool fork!

I’m encountering a problem while trying to set the Advanced OpenPortal. I was following the User Guide, but I can’t save anymore my parameters into the module settings. It’s just redirects to the admin page leaving blank fields.

I’ve got the Joomla installation with the component, I created the portal user on suiteCRM, so I think I need to repair or maybe reinstall the AOP module.

Thanks for reading!

Hi Petr,

The most likely issue here is permissions on your config_override.php. What is your server setup i.e. Operating system/distribution? We can recommend permissions for you to set but first need to know what your SuiteCRM version is running on.



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Right! I was removing some errors in the log files, and edited config_override.php file and didn’t preserve the permissions. Thanks, now working!
And many thanks for this fast reply !!!