AOP issues with email generated link

I have recently installed the AOP and Joomla Portal for my suitecrm 7.4.3 instance. I have installed the AOP 1.1.1 2x.

After installing the AOP and configuring it I have been able to successfully create portal users in the CRM. The user will receive an email with a link to the portal. However the link does not bring the user to the portal site and each user has complained that when the link is clicked on they receive a HTTP 404 ERROR

Here is an example of the email that is generated and sent to the user:

Administrator has assigned a Contact to Administrator.

Name: Noel Test

You may review this Contact at:

Can anyone shed some light on this as to why this link does not work?

Is your CRM actually located at localhost?

If not, you will need to update your ‘site_url’ value in the config.php for the CRM.



This was the issue. I set the URL to the IP address of the system and changed it from Local Host. All is functioning properly. Thank you