AOD is not runnind

Although I do not know how to do that i found in another post ( (“To rebuild the Index, delete the Index directory in /modules/AOD_Index and clear the records in aod_index and aod_indexevent. Then your scheduled jobs will rebuild the Indexes (Indices?).” )

I have the same problem. Did anyone finally came with proper solution?I found in the log (Wed May 27 08:40:02 2015 [1915][1][FATAL] Job 8bfea34e-da5b-3460-9353-556558ba1be4 (AOD) failed in CRON run).
Finally I do not have Lucene as job to run it.

I suspect that is a permission problem since at first installation cron.php was not running due to execute permission was missing. I fixed this and other schedules working properly. Where to I look for AOD permissions?

schedules are shown that are runnind in AOD but last succesfull run is : never

Thanks in advance