[AOD index] select indexed modules

Hi all,

I want to know if it exist a method to restrain the Lucene index only on some modules ? I have a really huge database and i need the search only on 2 or 3 modules… So is kind of useless for me (and for my server) to index so much data !

For the moment I use a quick & dirty method, that i don’t really proud of… i created a config array in config_override.php with the modules i want to show and on custom/modules/Home/UnifiedSearch.php, in the foreach at the line 123 i add an “if condition” to look if the module is in the array.
For the display data this method is good… but not really for the performance :whistle:
Is something is already integrated in order to do that or i have to use a similar method on another file ?

Thank you for your help,
best regards