AOD Index error: Should I disable Optimise Index Scheduler if using Elastic?

Dear Sirs,
I’ve been trying to solve some errors found on logs. One of them is:

File 'modules/AOD_Index/Index/Index/segments_146v' is not readable.

My first thought was: I should rebuild the whole AOD Index (should I?)

But then I thought: wait! Wasn’t AOD replaced by Elastic Search?

So, my doubts are: Do AOD, Lucene and Elastic Search work in parallel? If I have Elastic Search enabled and working, shoud I disable AOD Index Optimse and/or Lucene Index?

Thank you. Best regards

Yes I think you can disable both those jobs. I am like 95% sure… but I think this is something you can try and check if your search keeps working well, and if new records show up on Elastic search correctly.