Anybody know how to get rid of the horrid TinyMCE?


I’ve just created a good 37 Emails and I honestly don’t think, with Tiny MCE’s markup, that Email programs will be able to display the Emails competently the code is that bad (or it will more than likely throw them in the trash!

Ideally, are there any other options for markup or, worse case scenario, how can I turn the damn thing off so I can write my own markup please?

Many thanks.

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It’s not just TinyMCE. It’s also (or mostly) the firltering that takes place which strips plenty of your html.

There has been a long debate on this in the Forum and in gitHub, As a resul at least an extra option (under each single user preferences) has been implemented (I believe only for campaign emails) under which you are allowed to chose yur editor between three options:
. TinyMCE
. Mozaik (which I believe is a pluging for TinyMCE)
. raw HTML

Unfortunately the raw HTML is still filtered making it completely useless!

I have tried to convince who was in charge at the time that fitering should have been removed in the latter option (maybe they could have added two “raw HTML” options: one filtered and a real “raw HTML” but I was unable to succeed so we get filtered (useless) HTML editing. It’s a real pity!

The only alternative that yuo have is to save HTML directly in the database. However you still have to be careful on how you do it because:
. if you edit the email your raw HTML will get filtered
. Head and Body go in different DB fields and you have to put everything (including CSS) in the Body section.

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Thanks for this, there must be a simple way in the code to disable tiny mce - fob i really have to call in an exterminator :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place because there is no way of:

A) attaching a PDF to an Email (people have been asking for this for over 5 years);

B) automating the attachment of a PDF to a case such that an Email can be sent advising people it exists(

C) doing the html markup of a PDF in an Email as it gets stuffed in an Email due to Tiny MCE.

A) was what I was desperately looking for but I don’t have £79 for a totally grassroots project.

So, after putting in 18 hours today, it would appear I can’t achieve anything of what I was aiming for.

The things you want to achieve (attach a custom made pdf to email) cand be done in the Quotes module (including the automation with a Workflow or a Logic Hook).

Maybe you can start by looking at the Quotes module and implement your own module with the same techniques.

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Thanks for this. I’m not a cider so I’m stuck with some use of workflow automation and the quotes module then! A bit more information on the non coding method would be exceptionally useful to point me and others who have asked this question for an age in the right direction please. Many thanks.