'Any change' don't Work on Workflow

I am trying to retrieve the date of last contact (Call) with a prospect, I proceed as follows:

  1. Create a new field in the prospect module ‘last contact date’ of type date time
  2. Create a workflow whose main module is ‘Call’ with the following condition: Call: start date: equal to: any change
  3. Action: Modify record with : The module linked to prospect, and date of last contact: field: Start date
  4. Workflow: Run On New records and Run Only on save

The process audit shows that the workflow is running, but the last contact date value remains empty.

Version 8.3.1

Any suggestions?

Make sure you have repeated runs selected. Maybe the job already ran once and you intend it to run on any change.


Unfortunately, I got the same result even though I checked Repeat Runs.

I just tested your workflow. It works perfectly.

Some pitfalls… start date is a date/time field, if you try and populate a date only field it will not work. Your last call date must match the field type date/time.

Also, I set it on run on save on all records. So, it will only run on modified records, not new records. So if you intend to create a new call report, your logic won’t work because the “any change” will not be true.

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Thank you @pstevens, I will try It in another instance.