Any beta version tester program?

@ developers and management…

I understand that releasing a new version is not an easy job. (We are really thankful for all the work and effort you put on it)

I also understand that it’s not good idea to through out a version without the proper testing. Specially as it affects people without enough technical skills and everybody in general.

What I want to propose is to open a Beta tester program so the community can help you with testing. I see you have a Latest Pre-Release section on the site but I haven’t see any pre-release so far. (Please correct me if I’m wrong)

We are willing to help and be more proactive the same way many others help during the development.



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I also support for for highlighting this thing. As many of the CRM Users got issue while they upload to a latest versions or even if they set it up from scratch. There should be some work around.

I also very much hope to release the beta version of 8.0 as soon as possible.

Yes you are right, we should have some way of involving the Community with early testing. We’re currently considering ways to do this, if any of you has suggestions for how to organize / promote this testing they are welcome.