Angular changes in code is not reflecting in the output ui

I have imported SuiteCrm 8 source code but Whenever I try to make changes in Angular code its not getting reflected in output UI


welcome to the forum.

But like any forum - nobody will be able to help you if you do not provide enough information.

In this case:

  • there is no information what you tried to change -in what file/directory
  • no information about what did get ‘reflected’ - or was it 100% down to the last character unchanged?
  • no information about any other changes you made that DID get reflected
  • no information on what you already tried out (Quick repair… empty the /cache’ directories in your installation
  • no information about your system (version /OS version, PHP version
  • no information about your level of expertise with Angular (have you edited Angular code on many other platforms in the past - or is this the first

So, overall - in any forum (not specifically Suite) - if you want people (who are unpaid) to provide help - it is VERY important to make it as easy as possible for them to provide that help, by being very specific about your situation and what you already tried out, to make it work.