allow selection of Account Name in related modules form

Hi there,

I’m pretty new to SuiteCRM and am trying to customise an install for a client. They require a new module to be built for RFP’s that relate back to an Acccount.
I created the RFP module easily enough, created the fields I required and added a relationship of one Account to Many RFP’s (one-to-many).
What I would like to be able to do is create a form for an RFP that asks for all the related info of the RFP, but also always me to pick the Account to associated the RFP with. Similar to the ability when creating a Contact, I can pick an account and it associates with the Account.
For the life of me I can’t figure out how I can do this?
It means that when I look at the RFP module and I click on any given RFP, I have no idea which account it is linked too. I can see it if I browse to an account and look at the RFP sub-panel, but I want to include the Account Name field from the Account table in exactly the same way as if I look at a contact, I can see the Account Name it is associated with.
I thought the Relate field may work but this does not seem to have a bearing on the association to the Account at a table level.

any help would be greatly appreciated!



Maybe instead of creating a full-blown relationship, what you want is a Relate Field, which would create a relationship for you under the hood, but would show it as a simple field (with a pop-up to select, and find-as-you-type search) in the related module, without creating a subpanel.

Relate field will do the work. At the time of adding the field from studio you need to select the target module. In your case Accounts. So, when user clicks on the field, it will display accounts…

Check here for instructions on how to add the field from studio. (Is from SugarCRM but instructions are the same for SuiteCRM)