All Administration action action menu sidebar disappear

Hi i update the CRM to Version 7.11.18 and I have English and Spanish language installed, now I try it to create a new user and I don’t have the action menu in the sidebar to create a new user or in email, but only happen to Administration.

I repair, I check custom modules, the Menu.php is the default and the permissions (chmod/chown) is all good 755, is not a css problem because doesn’t render in the HTML. I don’t know what to check or what to do.

I found that if I remove Security Suite Group Management from “Display Modules and Subpanels” happen the same with Security Suite Group Management but Users or Mail module I cant add to “Display Modules and Subpanels”

What I can do? or what I can check?

My crm:

After hours (All day) checking, checking files by files I found:

line 711 to 720:

                    if (!empty($moduleTab)) {
                        $topTabs[$moduleTab] = $app_list_strings['moduleList'][$moduleTab];
                        if (count($topTabs) >= $max_tabs - 1) {
                            $extraTabs[$moduleTab] = $app_list_strings['moduleList'][$moduleTab];

I uncomment and work all fine! but why the update comment that line? Does someone think that I need to open an issue in GitHub?

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I don’t see that commented out on the repo:

By the way, which version did you update from?