Alinea SOL reporter - Export

Hi Guys

I understand Alenia SOL reporter is a plugin but I still think this is a good place for me to start after Googl:)

I have Alinea SOL plugged into a new system, it writes the report and executes great

The error is with Exports, When clicking on any export option the system opens a new mini window with the reporter home screen?

Nothing exports.

Anybody had similar issues? Any suggestions

Thanks again

Hi Taufique,

Not familiar with AlineaSOL but if I get the chance I’ll test.



The exporting option is working alright for me.

Whenever you click on export a new windows shows up presenting a button: “Download report”.

Did you look at the logs? Anything there?

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Thanks for the responses

Thats the thing there are no errors in the log file

the only thing I have found is in the Alinea SOL back end - Everything seems to be forbidden - Please see attached

Is this permissions?

Thanks again

Im sure our permissions are correct but will reconfirm them