After moving to new server - i get error

this weekend we have to move to newer server and after move i get erorrs when try to log in. Any suggestion how to correct this error?

Now we have move to server with PHP 7.4 and above possibility, we can’t go below this version.

Thanks for any suggestion

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Have you checked your version of SuiteCRM using the Compatibility Matrix (Compatibility Matrix :: SuiteCRM Documentation)?

Maybe your problem is jsut that you need to turn off display_errors in your php.ini?

we have problem with MySQL version.

Was there a guild you used to move your Suitecrm to a new server? We have a fully patched system that we want to move to a server that has disk encryption enabled.

We have use Cpanel copy and mostly work without problem. Only SuiteCrm has minor problems which was solved by my support and @outrightsystems
Main problem was that on new server we run only MySQL 8.0 and subpannels wasn’t working (also attached docunents isn’t show)
Post with similar problem on this forum

BUG report:

and FIX:

I hope that somebody would find this solution useful.
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