After Installation i cannot add Dashlets

Hey i have a problem after installation. I cannot add Dashlets.

Linux srv 3.16.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.16.7-ckt25-1 (2016-03-06) x86_64
PHP Version 5.6.19-0+deb8u1

Thanks a lot


Hi Chris,

I cannot replicate this issue. what version are you using 7.7 or 7.7.1?

I use 7.7,1

Theme change didnt work correct
Tab for Dashlets didnt work correct.

I startet a Topic in german Forum with more information. Maybe you can see that.

Sorry for many Topics i didnt realize you have to check them.

I am having the same problem. I get an error that says “there was an error handling this request”. I also get numerous warnings about Widget fields, etc.

Hi starstate, do you get anything in your PHP logs, or suitecrm.logs?

Have you tried repairing your Grouped JS files via Admin > Repair > Rebuild JS Grouping Files?

I did rebuild the JS Grouping - nothing. after I upgraded to 7.7.2 the dashlets are working except for any custom dashlets I created…and I am getting these warnings which I just posted in General Discusstions:

Warning: Declaration of SugarWidgetFieldVarchar::displayInput(&$layout_def) should be compatible with SugarWidgetField::displayInput($layout_def) in /home/starnet/public_html/snscats/include/generic/SugarWidgets/SugarWidgetFieldvarchar.php on line 106

Warning: Declaration of SugarWidgetFieldName::queryFilterone_of($layout_def, $rename_columns = true) should be compatible with SugarWidgetFieldVarchar::queryFilterone_of(&$layout_def) in /home/starnet/public_html/sns/include/generic/SugarWidgets/SugarWidgetFieldname.php on line 46

Warning: Declaration of SugarWidgetFieldName::displayList(&$layout_def) should be compatible with SugarWidgetField::displayList($layout_def) in /home/starnet/public_html/sns/include/generic/SugarWidgets/SugarWidgetFieldname.php on line 46

Warning: Declaration of SugarWidgetFieldId::queryFilterIs(&$layout_def) should be compatible with SugarWidgetReportField::queryFilterIs($layout_def) in /home/starnet/public_html/sns/include/generic/SugarWidgets/SugarWidgetFieldid.php on line 51

The only error in suitecrm_log is timezone is not set…I fixed that.

Thanks for your reply!

I already replied to something similar in ( Downgrading PHP to version 5.6 for some reason makes things work. I’m not sure why yet