After click on Map return blank page

Hi there ,i’ve a problem … with suitecrm 7
When i click on map return me blank page .Nothing it is showed ! Nothing appear in apache logs.
In therory the platform have to show map as than in demo .
Who can i help me ?? Please is urgent .


you have certainly a old version of suitcrm.
you can upgrade or copy from github some file missing or change the location.
Look with firebug for see witch file missing

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I’ve upgraded to last version install fresh seems that when the db is empty the db the maps funcionality doesn crash but after importing my leads data something strange happens .So ,i’m using to import my leads with a incorrect address because here in el salvador still not exist a standard to identify a house but in the same time i can import each coordinates (log,lat)
So,i think that i understood the maps module work only with address and not by coordinate .
is it possible that the module maps work by only coordinates or maybe use other program to integrate maps and routes using the suitecrm db ?

Thanks ,
Stefano Leandro