Advanced Search

Hi, how do I enable the Avance Search>? It is seems like only the Basic Search can be used in version 7.10.7. When we try to serach, there return page is blank and “Use Basic Search” is ahowing as below. What do I need to do to enable the Advance Search?

Set up your cron jobs, enable AOD Indexing cron job in Admin/Schedulers.

In Admin / AOD Settings enable AOD.

If necessary, rebuild the index:

We have anable the AOD setting all these wihie and using cron with easycron for the cron job, our cron job is and it is running with any issue, but the advance search is still not funtioning, it shows blank as well as shown.

We also follow your instruction to renama the index folder and delete all rows from SQL tables aod_index and aod_indexevent.

Everything is working fine now.