Advanced OpenPortal for Joomla - download and infos

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this page should be splited to be readable and easy to link:
Userguides - SuiteCRM Documentation -

Promotional page
This page needs an update: Advanced Open Portal for SugarCRM -

The information on Advanced OpenPortal for Joomla only shows way below the long timeline :wink: and other non related informations.
Those informations are useful but not in that page.
Tip for your webmaster: you should not make visible the 2 top modules in all pages… and create a page just to show the timeline so we can have a link to share!

Also: the link provided to Advanced OpenPortal for Joomla (on the promotional page) goes to a dead link

Regarding the link at:
Is there a link to the 2.0.0 version) I do have a local zip for 2.0.0 but can’t find it online to verify if there is a new version

Joomla! Extensions Directory
You should publish it also at Joomla! Extensions Directory
It makes SuiteCRM visible on Joomla community and will get many visitors to your site

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