Advanced OpenDiscovery cron job error

Hello All,

Trying to get Advanced OpenDiscovery working.

On the Schedulers page it provides instructions to setup Windows Scheduler with a batch file containing.
cd path\BitNami SugarCRM Stack\apps\sugarcrm\htdocs
php.exe -f cron.php

However, the command, ’ php.exe -f cron.php returns the error: php.exe is not recognized…
I see that php.exe is actually in \BitNami SugarCRM Stack\php

However, when I run the command in that directory the error: Could not open input file: cron.php is returned.

I also tried to run php.exe with the path to cron.php as:
php.exe -f "path\BitNami SugarCRM Stack\apps\sugarcrm\htdocs\cron.php

This returns the error "Bad data passed in; ,a href="http://suitecrm_url. Return to Home

What would the best way to get this working?


Have you contacted bitnami?

I have same issue. Did you find any solution?