Advanced Open Workflow and dates

I’m having issues creating a workflow using date fields in the conditions. In my testing, when checking if a date is greater than now + 1 days, the workflow would fire whether the date field was less than OR greater than now + however many days. I also noticed when a date field was a NULL value, checking if a date is EQUAL to now + 2 days or whatever, would cause the workflow to fire. Anyone have experience creating work flows with date fields, or see anything like this?
I’m using Advanced Open Workflow 2.0 in SugarCRM 6.5.16.

Hello SuiteCRM Support Team,

we still haven’t heard back on this yet. do you need more info from us?


we still haven’t heard back on this question yet.

I wouldn’t hold out much hope of getting an answer, the responses on here are atrocious unfortunately. Such a shame!

Hi nhunn521,

We have logged a similar issue here:
Does this sound similar to your issue?

If so, it should have been fixed in the most recent version of SuiteCRM. (Currently 7.4.3)

The git commit that should resolve this is here:
Should you wish to simply make the change yourself, rather than upgrade.
However, if you do make this change, it will not be upgrade safe. This means that you will have to make this change each time you upgrade. (Unless you upgrade to the most recent version, which has this commit included as standard)