Advanced Open Reports

Where can I find the Advanced Open Reports ?

Everything else seems to be there, AOS, AOD, & AOP but have only got the basic sugar reports.

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SugarCRM CE doesn’t come with a ‘standard’ reporting module. AOR = Reports in SuiteCRM.




currently discovering SuiteCrm solution, I struggle to find some user friendly graph making functions. I have red somewhere it’s easy to do in few clicks using openreports but then I cannot find any graph export function when designing a report.
May be I misunderstood ?

You might be able to generate the graphs you need from Dashboard > Add Dashlets.

From what I’ve read, better reporting is coming in SuiteCRM 8. As long as they get funded. Go contribute if it’s a feature you want!

In the meantime you can look for KReports. Version 3.0.6 is free and it will provide you with some more report capabilities (export and graphs). Its not so complicated to use.

Is it possible to install AOR_Reports on SugarCRM 6.5 CE? If so where can I get the installation package?


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The AOR module is not available as a standalone module/package for SugarCRM CE, and is currently only part of SuiteCRM.

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How can we install the iReports or Richlode_reports_module in SuiteCRM. Please tell me…

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