Advanced Keyword Search


How do I perform an Advanced Keyword search using Boolean (“AND”, “OR”) operators in SuiteCRM that would take into account all fields, attachments & email, custom or otherwise, while performing the search?

I am unable to find any information regarding the above.

Please advice.


I am not an expert on this but how we have managed to gather most of our advanced searching is through reporting

AlineaSOL reporter allows “AND” “OR” conditions and I believe SuiteCRM are adding this function in their next release

I have not seen a feature that searches SuiteCRM emails and attachments / documents

Hi Taufique,

The reporting function is not feasible for us as we have to search for target profiles based on keywords (the database is a bit larger), which could be in any of the various fields of the record.

Any ideas that we could try?


Have a look at Enhanced Search by Dispage.

It is a commercial plugin which solves your requirement.

There is also a free version which allows only part of the functionnality. The developer is very helpful. He has always replied to my messages and helped me solve any issue, even though I haven’t purchased the commercial version of his plugin.

One draw back is that it is not update safe and it modifies some existing files and uninstalling it may not be trivial if something goes wrong.